A new friend in my time of need

I am enrolled in my last year of college and was getting towards the end of the semester when I was contacted by the company that I had rented my textbook from. They were informing me that my rental time was up and that I needed to send the book back to them in the next few days or I would be charged another 3 months which I can’t afford as a student paying tuition. I sent the book back and was worried about what I was going to do for the last few weeks of the class. I asked around in class and wasn’t able to find anyone that had a copy I could borrow. One day when sitting in the library studying another student sat down at my table and we began to talk. Turned out that he had taken the class the semester before me and had a PDF version of the textbook I needed. He offered to send it to me and help me with my upcoming test. This was very appreciated and a prime example of showing a complete stranger kindness when they look distressed.