A Surprising Defense

I was recently hired to work at a medical office and was excited by the opportunities this new job brought. One day after dealing with a particularly moody patient, the front desk received a call from the man complaining about what a “terrible” job I had done when treating him. I felt that I hadn’t done anything wrong and was a little upset that this patient had decided to complain so intensely about me. I figured I would get in trouble for not treating the man differently and would be scolded to do better. To my surprise, after a while of the patient complaining the head doctor that I work alongside came out and took the phone from the receptionist and defended me and the work I was doing.

Most places always say “the customer is always right” but, the doctor felt that he should step up and defend me. It was great to see that I was appreciated enough in this new job to get that kind of defense from a superior. It was a really nice boost to my self-esteem and made me feel very welcome in this position.

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