Trapped in the Canyon

I had gone up the canyon on a drive after a long day at work looking for a way to unwind. I found a nice spot and got out of my car and walked up to a higher point to see if I could get a good view of the valley. After I felt like I was ready to return to the craziness of the city I made my way back towards my car. When I got back I found that the battery had died and because it was later in the evening no one else was nearby and I hadn’t seen any cars pass in a while.

I started to panic a bit thinking I might be stuck here for a while waiting for someone to stumble by and find me. I called my parents but they were in a movie and had turned their phones off. I had a strong feeling I should call a friend that I  hadn’t seen in several months. I gave him a call and to my surprise, he was more than happy to help and was there within the next 15 minutes. He was able to get my car working very quickly and we were both off.

I had asked if he wanted to go get some food after and offered to pay as thanks for his help. I got to the place we had decided on to meet at and he still hadn’t shown up. After about 10 minutes he called and said he was still coming but had stopped to help an old lady who he saw had a flat tire. Needless to say, I was floored by my friend’s willingness to help. He took time out of his busy day to help not only me, a friend but also this lady he didn’t know.

This was a fantastic example to me of how people should treat each other and I now fondly look back on that day as a reminder that I can help other people just like my friend had for me and that old lady.