Feeling Loved During the Holidays

This was a bit of an interesting Christmas for me. It was the first official holiday season with my new wife. We had agreed that after I had made a pretty big purchase on my new computer just a couple months before that she shouldn’t be getting me anything else for Christmas. I had also asked both of our sets of parents to help pay for my computer and that I only wanted that for Christmas. Going into the day I was feeling pretty confident in the presents I had picked for her and was completely fine with getting nothing for myself.

My wife is too sweet however to fight the opportunity to get me a gift and decided that she would get a couple of really small things for me. I was expecting to have a nice but smaller set of gifts to open and was mostly looking forward to seeing the faces of those who I had bought gifts for. As I went through the day I found that family members we visited had bought me a gift even after agreeing that I would have nothing.

This year I felt loved as I went through the day being surprised by the caring nature of those around me. They all set a great example for me and showed the power of how a small act of love can brighten the lives of those around you. From now on I will be trying to be more aware of how I can improve the lives of those around me. A perfectly timed New Years resolution.