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Create or Hate: Successful People Make Things

By: Dan Norris

In this book, Dan Norris works to motivate his readers to get started on something that they have been putting off. Norris is a very forward and confident writer which is great for this sort of book. While reading Create or Hate, I felt the push to start working on something that could really make a positive effect on my life. This book is fantastic for those looking for an extra push to go after there dreams that they might be putting off because of being afraid of failure.

Norris speaks from personal experience and shows that while you might be afraid to take that plunge if it doesn’t work out it’s not a huge deal because there are fantastic opportunities all around us. Through this book, I learned that while creating things doesn’t automatically make you a financial success it does make you a creative success.

Building new things is a great way to bring positivity and confidence to an individual more than anything. If you have ever wanted to create something but are being held back for some reason this is a great book for you. Also as a bonus this book is included in the free books for Amazon Prime users. So get out there and read this so you get the push you need to build something new and follow your dreams.  4.7/5