The Wallet

So my husband and I were having some money issues because he had lost his job a few months earlier. We decided that we wouldn’t tell our kids about my husband being fired because we didn’t want them to feel like they needed to worry about the future.  We were approaching the holidays and still hadn’t had any luck finding a replacement job and were starting to worry that we would have no way to afford all the expenses that the holidays can bring with them.

We had been keeping close track of our expenses and realized we wouldn’t have enough money for any kind of presents for our 3 kids. I was feeling terrible. My husband and I felt like failures as parents and began to be very depressed about our current situation. This took a huge toll on the two of us through the holiday season and people were starting to notice.

A few weeks before Christmas rolled around we walked out on our porch and found a wallet. We, of course, began to look around inside to see if we could identify the owner. It was a brand new wallet and had quite a bit of money but the thing that we found the most interesting was the ID. After searching for a while we found an ID that said the wallet belonged to Santa Claus. It also had a note inside that provided information about a possible new job for my husband.

While the weeks up to the holidays were incredibly bleak this gesture from a mystery elf made this one of the most memorable Christmases of my entire life. I still don’t know who the wallet was left by but, I am eternally grateful for their help in our time of need. They made it possible for me to see just how great the holiday spirit can be when doing something nice.

What have you changed about yourself from this experience?

I decided after that day to try and pay back the generosity I received that year to others. Each year we make a goal to serve someone to make their holidays a little brighter. This has quickly become one of my favorite traditions.