A Helping Hand

With Covid-19 my team at work had been transferred to work at home for the past few months. It was going fairly well but, many on our team struggled with issues related to phone calls. The supervisor in charge of our team had decided recently to crack down on these issues to find out if we were having issues with the system or were dodging calls on purpose due to the lack of supervision in our own homes. One morning when I was signing on I had gone in and set myself to available to answer calls. The system often doesn’t work correctly though if you leave it running through the night and don’t restart it in the morning. When I set myself to available the system wasn’t working correctly and it left me on the out of office option. I answered some messages from coworkers replied to some emails and didn’t even think to check my settings for the next half hour or so. At that point one of my coworkers let me know that they had noticed the issue. I was very thankful as it appeared as though I hadn’t even “shown up” to work yet. Later in the day the coworker even defended me when it was brought up in a team meeting saying they had messaged me at the beginning of the day to ask a question. It probably wouldn’t have been a huge deal that I would lose my job over but, I was thankful for the coworker’s kind action to help me out in this new work from home situation.