Don’t worry it’s on me!

Once when I was at the supermarket my card was declined at checkout when I had my kids with me. I left to go home, call my card company and figure out why it wouldn’t approve. I found out that I had less in my account than I thought and didn’t have enough to pay for the groceries I had tried to buy. I went back to the store a few hours later to put a few things back from my first trip which I had asked them to hold until I got the money figured out. When I arrived they had my food in the walk-in, bagged and ready to go because they had been paid for. I asked who had paid for them and the worker told me they wanted to stay anonymous but, to let me know that things will get better and they hoped I had a good day.

This was a big help to me being a single mom with a couple of kids to feed. I am in a much better financial situation now and am often looking to give that same favor that was given to me to those who look like they need it.