Patience with My Inexperience

With things being so crazy right now with the COVID Virus, I was asked to fill in for someone at work who was unable to make it into the office. I was nervous because I would be talking with a potential new client and since I was filling in for a position I’d never been in, I was worried about not doing a good job and losing this lady’s business. To my surprise the lady I was meeting with was very sweet and even after learning that I was running the meeting for the very time, kept telling me what a great job I was doing. I spent the whole weekend dreading this hour-long meeting and it ended up being the best part of my day. I’m so thankful for how kind she was. She made me feel so capable and she even ended up deciding to work with us and signed up to come back the very next day. I was happy to get a new client and a boost in my confidence thanks to her. Sometimes stepping out of our comfort zone is a little scary but it can be so rewarding.