The Holidays: A Time of Thanks & Improvement

The end of the year is often referred to as the “most wonderful time of the year.” It is a time when people of many different faiths celebrate and give thanks for what they have and those that they have been involved in their life. It is a time of giving gifts and giving thanks to those around us for all they have done for us. Christians celebrate the birth of the one they believe brought about the greatest gift they can receive. While those in Japan celebrate the end of the year and give thanks for the good in there lives and travel to shrines to pray for success and luck in the upcoming year. 

No matter the background this time of year is often the time to focus on giving thanks and working to improve. Remember these two sides of the season. We often get tied up with the gifts and happy times spent with friends and family but the true worth of this time of year can be found in really evaluating your life. Take time to thank those who have helped you in the past year in any way. Be sure to let those people know you are grateful for their sacrifice and that you are thinking about them. Look to others for good examples of how you can improve and help those around you more. 

With the new year starting right after these holidays where we give thanks, the timing is ideal because we can look at those who have made a difference to us and try to set goals for the new year to become more like them. This is the perfect time of year to spread charity and kindness and set new goals to continue to spread happiness to those around you. So don’t delay and get to it! And Happy Holidays!