What to Do When Valentine’s is Bringing You Down

Let’s just say it how it is; Valentine’s Day can be rough. It’s the day of romance to your significant other. And if you don’t have one…..? Pity party.

You feel negative in your one pea in your lonely, spacious pod. This sadness is not only for one type of person: the young, the old, those who have never had that person, those that had that person but lost them. The romantic significance we put on the holiday is sometimes linked to hopeless thoughts.

How can we turn this around?

Romance Yourself
This sounds a little weird but is a fantastic way to make yourself feel good on Valentine’s Day.

Take the day for yourself and do the things that you would want someone to do for you. If you wanted to go on a date to the movies and dinner, take yourself. Take yourself on a small trip to somewhere you wanted to go. Spend the night watching your favorite show on Netflix. Do whatever you want to do and let yourself feel good about doing it. Also, try focusing on being content with the present situation. If you go out to dinner relish the fact that you don’t have to share your dessert! Point is “Treat yourself!”

Romance With Your Friends
Being aware of others on Valentine’s Day is a fantastic way to crash your own pity party.

Remember your grade school Valentine’s parties? Relive these! Make little cards and deliver them to whoever. You aren’t the only one wanting to feel more love. OR you could take advantage of “couples deals” with one of your friends instead.

Do a gag-gift exchange.  Laugh your heads off and listen to corny love songs. Use Valentine’s day to show your love for your friends. It will help you see the love that others have for you and help them feel loved too.

After all, Valentine’s Day is for love, not lovers.

Serve Someone
One of the best we’ve heard is to babysit for a couple looking to have a night out. Knowing that you are making a difference to improve someone else’s night draws attention away from yourself.

Focus on loving others and focus on loving yourself and you can have the best Valentine’s Day and start to feel sorry for those who didn’t experience your day.

You got this. 🙂

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